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Since 1959, Lay, Pitman & Associates has built its reputation on designing unique vessels which meet our clients' diverse requirements.

Welcome to Lay, Pitman & Associates’ virtual brochure. Feel free to browse through our galleries and services to experience the diverse capabilities of our firm. LP&A has designed many different vessels for major operators throughout the country. We specialize in all design aspects for the entire marine community.

Lay Pitman and Associates specializes in the design of Yacht Escort Vessels, Shadow Yachts, Expeditionary Vessels, Motherships, Research Vessels, Commercial Charter Yachts, Luxury Passenger Yachts, Passenger Vessels, Commercial Vessels, and Casino Vessels. We provide complete design services and construction administration for the marine industry.

Specifically, LP&A are experts in the casino vessel industry. We currently have more than thirty LP&A designed casino vessels that have been built and several more are under design development, making LP&A a leader in casino vessel design experience.